PuppyJS Dog Water Bottle

It's a portable dog water bottle with a leak-proof design, perfect for small and large dogs, outdoor walking, camping and travel.

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Why you need a pet travel cup?

It is inconvenient for pets to drink outside

❌ Drinking raw water is easy to infect bacteria

❌ Pure water is easy to drip when poured into hands

❌ Pet's mouth is easy to wet drinking directly

PuppyJS Dog Water Bottle keeps your dog cool and hydrated everywhere

✅ In the car

✅ At Park

✅ At Home

✅ On Walking

Designed to last

Big through & Leak Proof Lock

Big through: Suitable for small and large dogs.

Leak Proof: The leakproof screw-on top will keep the contents secure while you walk or jog, while still easy enough to open that your pet can take a drink whenever they want one.

Seal Ring & Cup

Built with Seal Ring and Cup to prevent leakage of water. Completely leakproof and easy to remove the drinking spout for cleaning.

Easy to Use

One-hand operation, one-hand conrol of water locking

One click water return

Press the water outlet button for easy backflow

  • Easy to carry

  • Leakproof

  • Comfortable for travel

  • Unbroken

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